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Indigenous Statement: Paraguay

Indigenous Peoples’ statement on the coup in Paraguay

Para leer este comunicado de FAPI en español por favor haga clíc aquí.

Federation for the Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples –  FAPI
Legally registered under Decree No.508410

FAPI Statement on the current political and social situation in Paraguay

Following the dismissal of President Fernando Lugo through an abrupt and traumatic process for all of us, and given the present political situation in Paraguay, FAPI, a body that unites several indigenous peoples’ organisations of the western and eastern regions of the country, wishes to inform the national and international communities that:

1. Our Indigenous Peoples’ Organisation demands that the Government installed by Congress respect Indigenous People’s human rights and our territorial rights over which we have sought recognition for many years. In particular, we call for respect for the rights of our brothers in voluntary isolation, including the Ayoreo people in northern Paraguayan Chaco, and the Mbya Guarani in the Tekoha Guazu Traditional Territory located in San Rafael National Park Reserve. We demand that the Paraguayan State cancels its historical debt to the Mbya Guarani and Ava Guarani peoples stemming from the construction of the Hydroelectric Dams of Yacyreta and Itaipu, respectively. Indigenous Peoples need legal guarantees for tenure rights to our ancestral and traditional territories, and we reject the statements made by the Acting President, Federico Franco, arguing that “the country’s problem is not the land, but to provide income and create jobs”.

2. We are deeply concerned about the comment made by a person in the Executive, in a statement made to the international press saying: “who is responsible for guaranteeing that civil war will not break out (sic)…”*. So far, the international community is witness to the fact that that all expressions in favour or against the person to assume the Presidency have been peaceful and non-violent. These unjustified statements, stemming from a person that holds the position of Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, could generate an unnecessary state of alert among the police and armed forces, and these words could become the cause of violent and reprehensible actions. It seems that these statements have no basis in fact and are directed against those of us exercising our freedoms and defending and demanding our rights. On this point we affirm that dissent is a fundamental right in a democracy.

3. Indigenous communities and their settlements have frequently been victims of violence, especially at the hands of the National Police who have no justification other than the illegal defence of properties under fraudulent possession by third parties. These properties are in lands legalized by the State in favour of indigenous peoples, including lands titled and registered in the Public Registry of the General Directorate. In this way, the police actions are in violation of the Constitution and the law. We trust that these illegal actions will not be repeated, not only because of the harm they may cause, but also because they will further add to the illegitimacy attributed to the origin of the executive power of the government.

4. We have heard repeatedly from Mr. Federico Franco that Brazilians and so called brasiguayos will be privileged under this administration, and that they will receive ‘legal security’ over their productive resources, including land. We believe that indigenous peoples, peasants and all Paraguayans deserve the same commitment to security. We demand that the Executive power urgently abandon the historic practice of discrimination, and that the same guarantee for rights that it mentions be given in relation to our territories, rights that have been violated innumerable times under a dense blanket of impunity in both the Eastern region and in the Western Chaco region of the country.

5. Finally, we reiterate our hope that our collective and individual rights will not be violated during the time that your government will be in power, expecting that vigilance of human rights will not be affected by the serious democratic crisis in Paraguay, and that the authorities will fulfil their duty and obligation to respect the equality of everyone that inhabits the Republic of Paraguay, without distinction or privilege.

Hipólito Acevedo
President, FAPI

stolen from http://climate-connections.org/2012/07/05/indigenous-peoples-statement-on-the-coup-in-paraguay/


Context Bolivian Repression

Context to Bolivian Repression


When the Bolivian government overturned the law outlawing the construction of a road that was signed at the end of the first march to protect the TIPNIS by signing into law a “prior” consultation with indigenous communities (despite having signed contracts for the construction of the road in 2008) the main indigenous organizations of both the lowlands and highlands decided to march again, starting at the end of April (http://www.bbc.co.uk/mundo/ultimas_noticias/2012/04/120427_ultnot_bolivia_tipnis_carretera_evo_fp.shtml).  They have now marched peacefully more than 600km from the Amazon to the Andes in 62 days, enduring great hardship and vulnerability, provoking serious health problems which eventually to led to the death of a baby on arrival in La Paz (http://www.lostiempos.com/diario/actualidad/economia/20120629/de-luto-por-una-bebe-dejan-acciones-para-hoy_176718_372949.html).


Pro-government groups sought to undermine the march from the outset, by blocking the routes to the planned starting point (http://www.bbc.co.uk/mundo/ultimas_noticias/2012/04/120426_ultnot_marcha_indigenas_bolivia_bd.shtml ), and then threatening the march and preventing access to water and other provisions in specific locations along the route.


Despite these adverse conditions, the march arrived in La Paz on Wednesday 27th June and again received great support from the population of La Paz.  However, the government is doing everything it can to undermine the credibility of the march and divide and weaken the movement.  Specifically it has done the following:


– Accused the march of plotting a coup d’etat before it arrived in La Paz.  (http://www.paginasiete.bo/2012-07-03/Nacional/Destacados/5Nac00303-04.aspx http://www.paginasiete.bo/2012-06-25/Nacional/Destacados/Tipnis-rechaza-golpe.aspx)

– Did not provide fair conditions for dialogue in good faith during the march and continuing up until now.

– Promoted conflict with pro-government mobilisations, creating high risk of physical confrontations (http://www.plataformaenergetica.org/content/3376)

– Criminalized leaders and activists, for example by jailing two young people from the environmentalist anarchist movement who had a strong presence in the mobilizations around the first march.  (http://www.bolpress.com/art.php?Cod=2012053101)

– Accused the leaders of the march of being connected to narcotraffic and being funded by opposition political parties.  (http://www.paginasiete.bo/2012-07-03/Nacional/Destacados/5Nac00303-04.aspx)

– On Saturday 30th June signed an agreement with a false leader of one regional indigenous organization and under this agreement offered marchers $150 and the air fare to return to their communities.  (http://www.erbol.com.bo/noticia.php?identificador=2147483960678)

– On Tuesday 3rd July signed an agreement with 45 community authorities, of which only 18 are from the TIPNIS and the rest are from a coca-growing area outside the TIPNIS boundaries. (http://www.erbol.com.bo/noticia.php?identificador=2147483960837)

– Bribed communities to accept the consultation by giving them motors and telecommunications equipment.



Through these tactics the government is weakening support for the movement and clearly aiming to exhaust the marchers in order to avoid effective dialogue for long enough to get to the start date of the “prior” consultation, scheduled for 29 July.  We are now at a tipping point because the march has not achieved open dialogue with the government despite having been in La Paz for one week, and if nothing happens before that date then it will become impossible to stop the project.  Considering the Bolivian government’s good relationship with grassroots and activist movements, an urgent international outcry against this illegitimate consultation process could make the difference and tip the balance in favour of the indigenous peoples’ demands.


By updating and re-launching this petition, we can show Evo Morales that the world wants him to “walk the talk” after being named “Defender of Mother Earth” in 2009.  This is not simply an internal political issue: the protection of the Amazon rainforest is vital for the future of our planet and if this project is allowed to go ahead then it will set the pace for others to follow.  Equally, the illegitimate “prior” consultation violates the article 32 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples that sets out: “States shall consult and cooperate in good faith with the indigenous peoples concerned through their own representative institutions in order to obtain their free and informed consent prior to the approval of any project affecting their lands or territories and other resources, particularly in connection with the development, utilization or exploitation of mineral, water or other resources.”


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Photo Essay

Ocupa Street Action

Our  dear friends at Climate Connections have an amazing photo selection of the craziness that was Rio+20 here:  http://climate-connections.org/2012/06/29/photo-essay-reflections-on-rio20/

Ocupa Camp

Ocupa signage made @ JungleHouse2.0

Cupula dos Povos GDA


GDA clowns

[youtube http://youtu.be/vHuIwF1x4ss]

This Wednesday 20th June, a Global Day of Action took place. Civil society mass mobilization across the planet synchronized to highlight the issues of the Green/Greed economy trick, the need to protect rights of Indigenous People and Natural Heritage. The focus was  the march on  Avenida Vargas Presidente in Rio, where the Rio+20 circus continues to sustain the Green Machine.

The March was dominated by a RIOT of color, sound, colors and compassion… Massive buses moved through the march, with clowns popping their heads up everywhere and an amazing and probably uniquely South American sense of overwhlemingly unitedness swooped through the crowds. From anonymous masks to Via Campesina’s truck, giant Earth balloons and massive flags dominated this spectacle. Truly, the world was out in Rio, as tribes walked side-by-side amongst the obligatory political presence.


The OcupaDosPovos team arrived in typical anarchistic fashion, blocking the March in jest and stripping down to create a nude artistic intervention on the very steps that the occupation was hatched.


The night turned a bitter shade of oppression tho, as the police moved in on a group of participants of the March and kettles them, using batons and pepper spray to subdue and intimidate the crowd. This happened just after the international media left the march and here we provide insider footage of the police activities and actions. This is the true RIOt, we the people re having our rights violated, invaded by powers concerned with profit not people, slowly being led away from the try way of living we all know, into a bog of questionable policies and the art of pretending that everything is just alright.

[youtube http://youtu.be/4hfNmRjVxhs]

Watch the video, make up your mind and watch this space and any other channels you trust, follow whats happening and express solidarity through messages and localized actions to make this push and usher in the NU world, as we demand it!!!


Aluta Continua!!!!




UN is now a puppet for corporate interest

New report reveals the scale of corporate control in the United Nations process….


From Friends of the Earth International

June 19, 2012, Rio de Janeiro – On June 19, 2012, on the eve of a key United Nations Summit due to take place June 20-22 in Rio De Janeiro [1], Friends of the Earth International will launch a new report exposing the increasing influence of major corporations and business lobby groups within the UN. [2]

“Governmental positions have been increasingly hijacked by narrow corporate interests linked to polluting industries and business sectors seeking to profit from the environment, the climate and the financial crises,” said Nnimmo Bassey, chair of Friends of the Earth International.

The report presents a number of cases that clearly expose how UN policies and agencies have been excessively influenced by the corporate sector.

It also shows how this damages the ability of the UN to solve the various problems it is tasked with, removing its willingness to address the role of major corporations in causing many of the environmental, social, food and economic problems that the world faces today.

According to the new report, the positions of national governments in multilateral negotiations are increasingly influenced by business; business representatives dominate certain UN discussion spaces and some UN bodies; business groups are given a privileged advisory role; UN officials move back and forth to the private sector; and – last but not least – UN agencies are increasingly financially dependent on the private sector.

The new report also states that the UN has been working very closely with big business in developing and promoting the concept of ‘Green Economy’ which is selling out nature and people, and greenwashing a broken and unfair economic system at the expense of sustainable development.

More than 372 civil society organizations representing millions of people from around the world signed a statement -initiated by Friends of the Earth International and nine other organisations- denouncing the corporate domination of the United Nations. [3]

“The fact that the UN is increasingly catering to the demands of corporate interests diverts the UN from tackling the root causes of environmental, social and economic problems. The UN and this Rio+20 Summit should listen to the demands of the alternative Peoples’ Summit in Rio and take measures that will hold corporations accountable for their negative impacts,” said Lucia Ortiz, Economic Justice International Program Coordinator at Friends of the Earth International.

“The many examples of corporate capture are detrimental to the good work being done by many UN agencies and officials worldwide for the protection and empowerment of people. Allowing this to happen is putting both the UN’s and its member states’ credibility and integrity at risk. In fact this threatens to undermine the mission of the entire UN system and must be stopped, “ said Paul de Clerck, Corporates Campaign Coordinator at Friends of the Earth International.


– The Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative is being decided by an unaccountable, handpicked group, dominated by representatives of multinational corporations and fossil fuel interests, virtually without any involvement from or consultation with global civil society. Friends of the Earth International believes SE4ALL will not deliver its stated objective of doubling the share of renewable energy.

– Support for agriculture and food policy appears to be compromised by corporate links at the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). It is promoting technologies that endanger peoples’ rights and access to food.

– The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is increasingly driven by corporate actors interested in the financialization of nature and not by the need to conserve biodiversity.

– Private sector interests are increasingly seeking ways to treat water as a tradable commodity while depriving people of their universal right to water and endangering access to water and sanitation for millions of people worldwide.

– The UN Global Compact allows companies to boost their image by (mis-)using the UN flag for their own benefit, yet fails to deliver real improvements in business behaviour.

– The UN has been working very closely with big business in developing and promoting the concept of ‘Green Economy’ which is selling out nature and people, and greenwashing a broken and unfair economic system at the expense of sustainable development.


Paul de Clerck, Corporates Campaign Coordinator, Friends of the Earth International
Tel + 32 494 38 09 59 or +55 21 6968 7827 (Brazilian cell valid from June 19-22 only) or emailpaul@milieudefensie.nl

Lucia Ortiz, Economic Justice International Program Coordinator, Friends of the Earth International (in Brazil)
Tel: + 55 51 98 41 87 07 or +55 21 6968 7826 or email lucia@natbrasil.org.br

Nnimmo Bassey, chair of Friends of the Earth International:
Tel: +55 21 69 68 78 24 (Brazilian cell from June 15-23 only) or +234 803 727 4395 (Nigerian cell), or email Nnimmo@eraction.org


[1] The Summit website is http://www.uncsd2012.org

[2] The new report is online

IN ENGLISH : http://www.foei.org/reclaim-the-UN-report/view

IN SPANISH: http://www.foei.org/reclaim-the-UN-report-es/view

IN PORTUGUESE: http://www.foei.org/reclaim-the-UN-report-pt/view

[3] More information about the statement and the signatories is online at http://www.foei.org/end-un-corporate-capture

On June 5, 2012, Friends of the Earth International started a campaign urging the UN to limit the excessive influence of multinational corporations on its decision-making processes.

The campaign includes an online public petition asking UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to take the steps needed to reclaim the UN from corporate capture.


Taken from: http://climate-connections.org/2012/06/19/new-report-to-expose-how-corporations-capture-the-u-n/

English: Young Friends of the Earth logo

English: Young Friends of the Earth logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ocupa dos Povos

[youtube http://youtu.be/Zl31SDvxt6c]


[youtube http://youtu.be/hCxW8yBNNHY]

Ocupa Resistance

Last night (Sunday) saw the Ocupa dos Povos re-gather itself after a very bumpy start. Tragedy struck early on in this occupation when a young student who had travelled from Rio Grande do Sol, was struck by a car and killed. She was crossing a very busy and fast road in Rio close to the occupy site, and just didn’t make it across. She had travelled from a state south of Rio and was camping at the occupation with her partner/friend.

This tragedy really tested the resolve of this gathering. This occupation is unique in that it is a collection of occupy movements from across Brazil, each sharing and teaching other vital skills and of course celebrating and sharing. There was little celebrating yesterday, and just before ten, a General Assembly was called. This assembly spoke for ages on whether this conversation should be broadcast live (for live streaming and reports ,go to www.ocupario.org). The Assembly eventually agreed to switch off the transmission when they spoke about the action they had performed earlier.

The action happened just before sunset, with the crowd occupying the street  that their comrade had died on, blocking traffic and setting fire to a few tires. This disruption was met quickly with the elite police force. The authorities ordered the crowd to disperse or face the consequences. this crowd decided to move to the Cupula dos Povos just down the road. Here alliances were made.

Shortly after the General Assembly had broken into working groups, we had a visit from The ‘Queen Mother’, Dr Delois Blakely. She brought us powerful message, translated instantaneously into Portuguese. Her message was for the partner and friends of the fallen comrade, a word of power and love that helped create a sense of togetherness that had not been experienced by myself since the opening night at the occupation site.

She called for the reverence of the occupy site as a sacred space, and for the actions of the camp to echo and recognize the loss of a compadre’.


Cupula Dos Povos

The Peoples Summit began on Friday in Patativa do Assure, close by Attero do Flamengo. The Cupula is a beach-side strip of tents and stalls, a simplistic maze taking you your through countries, regions, languages, people. With just enough order in the midst of the chaos, the space is filling with civil society members from pretty much everywhere in the world, representing their ideals.

the southern entrance bridge

All these people have gathered in Rio for the occasion of Rio+20 to share their stories and spread their message. They also represent the rights of indigenous communities and for the rights of Mother Nature too. The official website is http://cupuladospovos.org.br/en/page/4/.

 Find here a few pictures from Saturday @ Cupula

Attero de Flamengo

Argentinian Group

isabella walked with us to the Cupula

enforcement presence @ Cupula


@rio20joker [twitter]

@ Cupula


On Thursday 14th June, the ‘Peoples Occupation’ assembled in a park close to Cinelandia and walked to the final site to set up camp. Perched on the edge of the motor lanes that run along the beach, the camp is close to both Flamengo and the Cupula Dos Povos (Peoples Summit). A small group of local Rio occupiers, joined by representatives of many Occupy movements from around Brazil have come together to create a presence and representation of the Occupy ideals and ethic.

The crowd of 20-30 people settled down in the park and soon the tents were up. just as soon, the first batch of policemen arrived. These were from the ‘brown’ squad, municipal police as far as i could tell. they were pretty friendly and spoke to the crowd. All conversations were in Portuguese, not a language i understand at all. the issue these police raised was over the tents and the fact that they were on the walkway. The communities’ response was that the tens were being used to store equipment and were not for living or sleeping in. the policemen were not convinced, indicating that the tents would have to go down. While all of this was happening, the ‘blue’ (military) police car arrived on the scene. The mood and atmosphere immediately became more charged, with the blues and browns talking to each other before the ‘blue’ left. Seems as though it was agreed that this was a municipal issue.

The rest of the night that i was there, was spent in smaller discussions with the police. i left to catch the Metro before midnight and returned Friday after a visit to the Cupula dos Povos. Friday night saw the camp facing many obstacles and obstructions. braving many emotional moments already, the movement is shifting, un-certain of its shape and fighting to keep the dream alive. they remain strong and as united as the circumstances allow.


Saturday is the General Assembly (held in a particular Brazilian/Rio way). Here the camp will discuss and vote on key issues, as well as hear report backs from working groups.

Now, more than ever, the Occupy centers of the world will do well to send messages of support and solidarity to this movement, engaged with a beast as powerful as Rio+20. now more than ever, people must use the tools and skills they have acquired to stand for what they believe, together, as one. inter across our Earth, we are all truly citizens of the Earth


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