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Cupula Dos Povos

The Peoples Summit began on Friday in Patativa do Assure, close by Attero do Flamengo. The Cupula is a beach-side strip of tents and stalls, a simplistic maze taking you your through countries, regions, languages, people. With just enough order in the midst of the chaos, the space is filling with civil society members from pretty much everywhere in the world, representing their ideals.

the southern entrance bridge

All these people have gathered in Rio for the occasion of Rio+20 to share their stories and spread their message. They also represent the rights of indigenous communities and for the rights of Mother Nature too. The official website is http://cupuladospovos.org.br/en/page/4/.

 Find here a few pictures from Saturday @ Cupula

Attero de Flamengo

Argentinian Group

isabella walked with us to the Cupula

enforcement presence @ Cupula


@rio20joker [twitter]

@ Cupula


Is This a Riot????

ri·ot   [rahy-uht]

a brilliant display: a riot of color.
something or someone hilariously funny: You were a riot at the party.


a joke that seems extremely funny


a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity