Riot20 is an autonomous artivist collective that has manifested in Rio in the last week. We believe that by engaging our creative energies and taking action, we synergize and defeat self paralysis, creating circumstances for true positive change to happen, all in accordance with Natural Law…

Youth Blast – A youth led Conference where youth got together over three days to discuss, share and network ahead of the June conference.

Ocupa – a collection of Occupy movements from around the world connecting to represent the Occupy ideals and systems.

JungleHouse2.0 – Art project/ hostel/open house/art space in Rio for the month of June

Rio+20the UN conference that has as a central theme, the interest of corporates and profit driven interest.

These four events coincided to create Riot20, an autonomous  artivist collective that met on the streets and meeting halls of Rio. Our common values lead us to form this collective to focus on creative means to resolve dis-information being propagated  and for the rites of the Commons. Our Foundation Statement can be found here soon…

As riot20, we are hoping to bridge the obvious language gap, and provide a decent reliable channel for people interested in DIRECT ACTION around Rio+20