Songs connected to Liberty, Freedom, Nations United and the riot20 experience

Beach House:  Real Love

 One of the living space options was a 4/5 bedroom flat on Ipanema Beach. This was code-named the ‘Beach House’ and perhaps using these words brought this song to mind many many times. So much so that it remains the definitive riot20 theme Song…

The Irrepresibles: In This Shirt (Royskop remix)

This genius song is one of the central themes to my entire 2012 experience. As always, it soundtracked several bus trips and early morning solo missions. Also a guiding light for me during my ‘street days’ in Rio

The Bright Eyes: Lua

This track firmly became my ‘Depature’ Song for 2012 at Afrika Burns, walking past fallen tents on the way past Twanka Dam and deep into 6 o’clock.

This also became the JungleHouse2.0 departure tune.

The Jungle Book: I wanna be like you

Sitting in Stellenbos in the middle of beautiful pink crystal mountains and hackers ,the Jungle Playlist was created. A simple ‘jungle’ search in My Music brought up this legendary track, a true riot20 anthem

The Pixies This Monkeys Gone to Heaven

As a South African in South America, this song became part of my daily routine. This was the stand-out theme for our visit to the Christos Statue, in the clouds with Jesus watching.

Mark Ronson: Toxic

Just for the awesome brass stabs and the aweso mely fun nature of this song. Soundtrack to some early evening JungleHouse Office sessions

Manu Chao: Clandestino

 There was this magical moment when we were at a live performance event at the Cupula Dos Povos. We still had to find the rest of the riot20 squad and head over to the Youth Territories, we might even have stopped over at the Ocupa site on the way to the Federal University. As we got the front of the stage eager to find the EYES squad and the various satellite elements of riot20, the band breaks out in this track and bam, next thing we’r right in front of the horns dancing truly to this song

Ursula Rucker: Circe (Jazzanova Mix)

 In the search for the Sao Paulo soundtrack, we encountered the SP Wig Girl and the quest became the soundtrack to her street artivism missions. The search for clarity of beat and simple clear clicks brought this song.

Burial: Stolen Dogs

 This breeze of a song was the second stanza of the ‘SP Wig Girl’ movement. The SP Wig Girl was the anonymous street artist character who we spent some time with in the Sao Paulo leg of the journey. The clean crisp beat and sounds matched the feeling of riding the massive metro system and cruising through the streets dodging options and searching for vegetarian food.

Adele: Rolling in the Deep (Jamie XX Shuffle mix)

How can any playlist from this year not have something that the XX is crafting. From their library, this song captured a few special moments in Lapa and around riot20

João e Maria – Chico Buarque e Nara Leão

 A song firmly rooted in the days living with the vegan anarchist punks of Sao Paulo.

Manu Chao Politik Kills