Take back our robbed future

The UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, has just came to an end, and so have our hopes and trust in this theatre dominated by corporate power. We are young people from Earth sharing the same outrage towards the indecisiveness and the lack of commitment of state leaders, government representatives and UN officials with regards to the environment and our communities. These old structures do not correspond to today ́s social dynamics.

Those in power pretended to reach a global agreement on “the future we want”; However, they took a tremendous step back and further discredited the promises made in 1992, eroding the principles of social and environmental justice. This is not the future we want.

We are young people that came to Rio with different motivations and expectations. Some of us directly took part in the official process and final negotiations. Some of us gathered at the People’s Summit for Social and Environmental Justice. Others occupied the streets of Rio. Despite the diversity of our political and ideological backgrounds and levels of action, we all share the same outrage towards the outcomes of Rio+20.

We understand that the youth must fight for a social and environmental justice based on diversity, respect for the communities and the genders, without marginalization of poor and criminalization of social movements, in order to build a road to a fairer, more democratic society. We also know that the corporate media treats us as vandals and subversive, but we will continue expressing and exposing the problems of this system in crisis.

When the Eco-92 was initiated, many of us were not born and others were only children. The decisions taken then were aimed at creating a future for us. Now, as youth, we realize that they didn’t walk their talks. Today, twenty years later, this is explicit. Our leaders do not believe in people but in a wealthy minority.

We came here not only to protest against the undemocratic nature of a decision-making process that values profits more than people, but also to together formulate visions, solutions, and pathways towards the future we really want and need. A future that respects and preserves the Earth, empowers our communities through food sovereignty, access to water and sanitation, a solidarity based economy and, above all, that provides emancipatory and accessible education for everybody.

It is up to us to take charge and build sustainable alternatives for us and for the future generations allowing for inter-generational equity. Therefore we call to youths from all around the world, to gather and act on the construction of the future we want to live. We will take back our future!

RIOt20 and young friends from Earth

July 2012