Dear Colleagues,
ANPED, the Northern Alliance for Sustainability, with the support of other civil society organizations active in the Rio+20 negotiations has launched today “THE FUTURE WE DONT WANT” e-petition campaign and we count on you to sign and share it with all your constituencies.
This is a response to the new negotiating text presented today by the Brazilian government and tomorrow we will bring this under the attention of European Commission delegates and the press.  The text makes not a single mention of environmental justice, Principle 10 or a high-level representative for  the future. While efficiency is quoted 14 times and economic growth 20 times, there is not a single quote on sufficiency, planetary boundaries or limits. That does not reflect what the people want. 
This campaign urges the Government of Brazil, the UNCSD Secretary General and all Member States to stop negotiating their short-term national agendas and to urgently agree now on transitional actions for global sustainable progress.

We urge our fellow 99% citizens of the world to stand up for the future we really want, and not this one, imposed by a few: the 1% negotiators and their elite constituencies.

For all, let their voices of the majority finally shape the future.